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Why Progressive?

Our mission at Progressive Systems Inc. is to be the leader in every industry we serve.

Being the leader means that we use the latest technologies, develop exclusive custom designs, and provide the best customer service delivered by a highly experienced team.  We constantly stay up to date on trends and innovations our customers are looking for and help them understand new technologies.  Our machine designs have an unsurpassed quality and are completely customized. Every machine we engineer is made-to-order. We listen to what our customers want and deliver solutions to fit their diverse needs, no matter the size of the company. We build machines with the highest production rates, fastest set-up times, best finishes and tolerances, and require the least amount of maintenance. To be the leader in machine development for the building products industry means having the best team to design, engineer and service our machines. Progressive is a world renowned company because of our team’s skill, experience, and passion to be the best at what we do.  Always proudly made in the USA.