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Part Finishing

In-House and Part Finishing Services

In-house automated shot blasting is available along with painting services using all types of liquid-based paints and both manual and automated systems. 

Our Continuous monorail feed-through paint line with flash chamber and curing booth holds up to 800 lbs on each hook. Extensive out-of-house relationships allow us to fulfill all your other coating and finishing needs.


  • Special Non-Pressurized Drive-Thru Enclosure w/ open air system (Continuous Monorail Feed through Paint Line with Flash Chamber and Curing Booth)
    • 4’ x 6’ x 119’ with 800 lbs./part capacity 
  • Large enclosed booth
    • 12’ x 15’ x 35’ 
  • Large Clemco Industrial Blast Booth (Cast Steel Shot)
    • 14’ x 14’ x 34’ w/ material handling of 7.5 Tons
  • Medium Magna Flow Blast Booth (Cast Steel Shot)
    • 5’ table on rotation x 3’ high
  • Small UNI-HOME Blaster (Black Diamond Sand)
    • Handheld parts up to 2’ x 2’