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Precision Cutting Equipment for a Variety of Materials.

A wide variety of contour cutting equipment allows us to get any job done with precision and perfection.

Our 12kw Tube Laser can cut double angles up to 60 degrees on parts up to 30 feet in length. It can handle up to 12” x 12”’ tubing and can cut bar stock up to 1” thick. A single process can handle cutting and hole placement at a rate five to ten times faster than sawing and milling.

Parts up to 10” thick can be cut using our 5-Axis Water Jet.


  • 5’ x 10’ 8kw Flat Laser
  • 8’ x 24’ Plasma Table
  • 8’ x 13’ 5-Axis Water Jet 
  • (4) Automatic Saws with Auto Indexing and 60-degree Auto Swing
  • 12” x 12” x 30’ 12kw Tube Laser w/ Beveling Head