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Expert Technicians and Equipment for Quality Turning-Rotary and Grinding Services

Our lathe department has 2 CNC turning centers and 1 OD grinder to produce perfect rotary work for you. Capabilities in the CNC center include 12-station turret live tooling and machining up to maximum  62.4” length x 23.6” maximum diameter.

We offer single unit, small volume or high volume capabilities to fulfill your needs.


  • DMG NLX 4000|1500
    • Capabilities up to 23.6” x 62.4” and as small as 1.5”
    • 12-station, with full y axis live tooling
    • 10-station turret, 2-axis 
    • Capabilities up to 20.1” x 49” and as small as 1.5”
  • Cincinnati OD Grinder
    • Capabilities up to 10” diameter x 60” long
    • Tolerance to .001”